topless popups

BODYROTIC's topless equinox events have become so popular we have created a new event – topless popup...

topless popup...

imagine being greeted by a totally topless BODYROTIC masseuse, wearing not much at all, with high heels and a smile...

  • topless popups occur occasionally – every few weeks (with about a weeks notice)

  • both dayshift and nightshift
    – from 10am until 5pm, and 5pm until 1am

  • keep an eye on our website for the next topless popup

PS: we've heard a rumour that if you say 'topless popup' three times fast, a pair of boobs might just pop out 😉

note: just to address any unfounded concerns – rest assured: the masseuses request to be on the roster for topless popup events

topless popup™ is an original BODYROTIC concept and pending trademark