sukebe fantasy™

sukebe fantasy chair – a multi-faceted experience for the adventurous…

sukebe (pronounced s'keh·beh) – noun: japanese for 'pervert' or 'dirty old man', pejorative, sometimes used in a joking way...

depending upon its use: the sukebe fantasy chair can be...

  • visually, exquisitely explicit
  • sensually breathtaking
  • a fun toy for the kinky
  • a face-sitting fetishists dream come true
  • an imposing tool for the dominantly/submissively wicked, and hardcore perverts!

the use of any of the inclusions in the fantasy massage room is at the discretion of your masseuse... for example: the sukebe fantasy chair is physically no more than a simple transparent stool engineered for explicit views and strategic access... psychologically however, use of the sukebe fantasy chair is limited only by the imagination and the boundaries of willing participants

  • speak with your masseuse about indulging your fantasy or fetish
  • note: not all masseuses are available for a sukebe fantasy chair experience

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a sukebe fantasy chair experience

sukebe fantasy™ is an original BODYROTIC concept and a pending trademark