BODYROTIC masseuses offer an incredibly sexy, nude, full body-to-body, erotic massage experience for men, women and couples… and several other services to satisfy your innermost erotic desires…

you may decide to incorporate something a little more adventurous into your erotic massage – a BODYROTIC striptease® , fantasy massage® or a mystery massage® perhaps?…

as with all of our clients, we feel confident you will enjoy every minute of your stay with us and leave completely satisfied and fully refreshed

some information about our services...

erotic massage for men and women

an incredibly sexy, nude, full body-to-body, erotic massage experience – your erotic massage will include exceptionally arousing bodyslides and lots of intimate teasing to stimulate all of your senses…

generous mirrors allow you to indulge your voyeuristic desires as your masseuse expertly tends to every inch of your body... generally speaking you will experience a ‘happy ending’, however there is no guarantee

our opulently decorated air-conditioned rooms all boast spacious en-suite facilities for you to enjoy a steaming hot shower (using our specially designed scent-free soap) both before and after your massage, ensuring you leave not only completely satisfied but also fully refreshed

as well as being skilled in the art of erotic massage many of our masseuses are also trained in other massage techniques – sports, remedial-therapeutic, swedish, shiatsu, chinese, deep-tissue, thai, kahuna, lomi-lomi, hawaiian, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, and more… – please feel free to let your masseuse know whether you prefer a soft, medium or firm massage

many of our masseuses also specialise in erotic massage for women...

this can be an exceptionally satisfying way to experience the sensual touch of another woman without the stigma that can all too often be associated with this type of erotic encounter...


  • discuss a recommendation with our receptionist
  • feel free to ask our receptionist or your masseuse any questions
  • look for the women icon on the masseuses profile

occasionally we are asked for a masseur or a ‘male masseuse’ (sic) – (the word ‘masseuse’ denotes female; a male would be a ‘masseur’) – BODYROTIC has masseuses only

the glowing feedback we receive from our female clientèle speaks volumes - who better to touch a woman... ?

erotic massage for couples

the ultimate indulgence for birthdays and wedding anniversaries !…
… or just because you’d like to try something a little naughty together…

both you and your partner will receive an exceptionally stimulating, full-body massage from your chosen masseuse - lots of sensual teasing and erotic bodysliding ensures an indulgence of the senses for the recipient and an intensely arousing visual experience for your partner - some prefer to sit back and watch as their partner is rubbed, teased and caressed into a state of sensual ecstasy, others can't wait to join in - your masseuse will generally discuss the basic direction you wish your experience to take beforehand, or you can simply decide to leave it all up to her and go with the flow...

can i watch my partner receive an erotic massage?...

some couples simply want to watch their partner receive an erotic massage and that's fine too - as there are two clients in the room we consider this a couples massage

can i have a male masseur?...

occasionally we are asked for a masseur or a ‘male masseuse’ (sic) - (the word masseuse denotes female; a male would be a masseur) - BODYROTIC has masseuses only

can i have sex with my partner in a couples massage?...

some couples also want to know if they can have sex during their couples massage - the answer is yes

your masseuse will watch, massage, caress, tease, direct, be generally involved and lend an extra pair of hands where appropriate - your masseuse is allowed to do anything she likes, as long as it’s legal... she may also be open to ‘extras’, this may incur additional cost, payable by the client directly to the masseuse

if you'd prefer your masseuse to leave the room so you can enjoy a more private time together with your partner, just ask

what if both my partner and i each want our own masseuse in the same room?...

the idea of watching and being watched by your partner, while both being massaged, pampered and teased, appeals to many couples - we have a portable erotic massage table* specifically designed for just that purpose - several of our larger massage rooms incorporate additional, strategically-placed mirrors to cater for a second massage table - simply multiply the couples massage price per masseuse

* our portable erotic massage table is designed and custom-built to the same exacting standards as our fixed massage tables - luxuriously upholstered in italian leather and twin-holed (one hole for your face with a second hole for your ‘sexy bits’)

  • a complimentary spa is included with couples massages (subject to availability)
  • our receptionist can assist you in selecting the best masseuse for you
  • look for the couples icon on the masseuses profile

there is no guarantee, however, generally speaking both you and your partner will experience a ‘happy ending’ - feel free to ask our receptionist or masseuses any questions

double massage

two masseuses work in tandem to multiply your pleasure…

that's four hands working your entire body – the bodyslides are always extremely stimulating – some of our masseuses specialise in doing doubles together... just ask our receptionist to recommend a combination to best suit you...

  • two (or more) masseuses guarantee at least twice as much fun
  • simply multiply the price
  • six masseuses is our current record! (the mind boggles)

BODYROTIC double massage® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

fantasy massage

a BODYROTIC fantasy massage® can take any number of forms…

mild to wild – some of the fantasies we have indulged so far include: voyeurism, exhibitionism, psychological play, foot fetishes, sensual tease, dominant and submissive play (BDSM: bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism), restraints, uniforms, dress ups, role play and many more

if you have a specific fetish you'd like to explore, simply speak with your masseuse or our receptionist

we have purpose-built several new massage rooms – one of which is the BODYROTIC fantasy massage room – just some of the inclusions:

  • stripper pole with light show (mirrorball, lasers, uv-strobe, etc.) and reclining leather sofa to lie back and enjoy the show
  • voyeur-cam video – multi-camera, live video feed to watch your own encounter unfold on a large projection video screen
  • white leather fantasy chair – electrically adjustable with stirrup leg supports and tease hole
  • glory hole – open glass dual shower/wet area with built-in glory hole
  • leather restraints – wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and collar – with a selection of ropes and japanese rope restraints

the use of any of the inclusions in the fantasy massage room is at the discretion of your masseuse... for example: the glory hole is physically no more than a simple hole located at a strategic height in our fantasy room shower... psychologically however, use of the glory hole is limited only by the imagination and the boundaries of willing participants

  • speak with your masseuse about indulging your fantasy or fetish
  • note: not all masseuses are available for a BODYROTIC fantasy massage®

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a BODYROTIC fantasy massage®

BODYROTIC fantasy massage® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

fire & ice

fire & ice® erotic massage – BODYROTIC’s latest innovation in sensuality…

oil and water generally don't mix, unless it's hot oil and ice cubes in the skilled hands of a sexy BODYROTIC masseuse

an indulgence for the senses – the fire & ice® erotic massage experience explores the human body's exceptional sensitivity to temperature, elevating the sensuality of erotic massage to an entirely new level

  • only select BODYROTIC masseuses are available for a fire & ice® massage
  • there is no additional cost for a fire & ice® massage

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a fire & ice® massage

fire & ice® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

glory hole

BODYROTIC’s glory hole™ – under the table, through the hole – intensely erotic experience with select BODYROTIC masseuses…

imagine your masseuse under the massage table, massaging you intimately through the glory hole in the middle of the table...

    glory hole
  • visually: extraordinarily arousing
  • sensually: mindblowingly stimulating
  • an exquisitely intense happy ending – especially for the uninitiated
  • there is no additional cost for a BODYROTIC glory hole™ massage
  • warning: this experience may become addictive 🙂
  • perhaps consider as a grand finale® – one masseuse on top of the table, and one below
  • note: our fantasy massage® room also has a glory hole in the shower for the exceptionally adventurous
  • only select masseuses are available for a BODYROTIC glory hole™ experience – just ask

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a BODYROTIC glory hole™ experience

BODYROTIC glory hole™ is an original BODYROTIC concept and a pending trademark

grand finale

the grand finale® – intensify your pleasure…

feel like spoiling yourself?... want an exceptionally happy ending!?...
why not invite a second masseuse to join in on the fun?

grand finale® we offer you the grand finale®

  • a second BODYROTIC masseuse to lend an extra pair of hands for the last 15 minutes of your massage
  • perhaps a third, fourth... or more? – $100 per additional masseuse
  • not all BODYROTIC masseuses are available for a grand finale®

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a grand finale®

grand finale® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

mystery massage

the ultimate indulgence in the sensual art of massage for men, women and couples…

imagine this: you are shown to your luxurious massage room by our friendly receptionist, she asks you to jump in the shower... you finish showering and make yourself comfortable, face down on the massage table and put on your blindfold in anticipation of what's to come... your 'mystery masseuse' knocks on the door and enters the room and your sensual journey begins...

with an absolute minimum of verbal communication (whispers only where necessary) your mystery massage® is an exceptionally sensual experience – your sensitivity to touch is tantalisingly magnified as you give yourself over to the moment... mmmm...

the mystery can be absolute – if you would like to maintain the mystery your masseuse will let you know it's OK to remove your blindfold as she leaves the room... you shower and dress, and we feel confident you will leave satisfied

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask our receptionist for a mystery massage®

mystery massage® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark


don’t have time for the whole show?… just want the ending?…

need to quickly unwind and get back to the real world?... BODYROTIC rush®

BODYROTIC rush® is just what you're looking for

  • 20 minutes including shower(s) – $100
  • no body massage
  • no bodyslides
  • no appointment necessary – simply drop in and ask for the BODYROTIC rush® service
  • note: not all masseuses are available for BODYROTIC rush® – this service is not available by appointment
BODYROTIC rush® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark


the BODYROTIC striptease® experience includes a hot 20-25 minute erotic strip, dance and tease show – and 5-10 minutes recovery time at the end – as most clients need a shower and time to recompose and dress themselves before returning to the real world

strip·tease – noun: a form of entertainment in which a performer gradually undresses to music in a way intended to be sexually exciting...


BODYROTIC striptease® is a visual indulgence in eroticism – it is an intensely arousing visual experience – so, there is no touching – although your stripper will touch herself, and you are more than welcome to touch yourself

you may consider having two strippers – imagine watching two hot BODYROTIC babes interacting with each other for your visual pleasure

you may also decide to take the option to follow your BODYROTIC striptease® with a BODYROTIC massage – with your stripper if she is available, or another available BODYROTIC masseuse

  • the price for a 30-minute BODYROTIC striptease® experience is $180
  • look for the striptease icon on the masseuses profile
  • your stripper may be able to help you with a happy ending – just ask – (a nominal fee may apply)
  • note: not all masseuses are available for a BODYROTIC striptease®

call us on 9557 7999 to make your appointment, or simply drop in and meet the available masseuses – don't hesitate to ask our receptionist any further questions

BODYROTIC striptease® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

therarotic massage

BODYROTIC’s therapeutic-erotic massage experience – therarotic®…

therarotic® massagehave you ever felt like indulging in nothing more than a really good, therapeutic-style massage... ... ... with a 'happy ending'?... ... ... from a masseuse skilled in the art of both therapeutic and erotic massage!?

in response to increasingly frequent requests from our clients, BODYROTIC has developed our new therarotic® massage service

your masseuse will start your massage in a BODYROTIC uniform – simply lie back and enjoy your therapeutic-style massage filled with anticipation that your masseuse probably won’t be wearing her BODYROTIC uniform at the end

  • only select BODYROTIC masseuses with a background in therapeutic, sports or remedial massage are available for a therarotic® massage
  • there is no additional cost for a therarotic® massage
  • look for the therarotic icon on the masseuses profile

call us on 9557 7999 to make an appointment, or simply just drop in and ask for a therarotic® massage

therarotic® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

nude shift

imagine being greeted by a gorgeous BODYROTIC masseuse wearing nothing but high heels and a smile…

now try to imagine that same scenario multiplied by 14!

BODYROTIC 'nude shift' - pixie... at the feet of the other 11 naked BODYROTIC babes on nude shift #16 we’ve had nothing but glowing feedback from clients and the masseuses have had more fun than you can possibly imagine – the looks on some clients faces are simply priceless

BODYROTIC nude shifts® are now a regular event... occurring randomly (and unannounced!)

BODYROTIC 'nude shift' - nothing but high heels and a smile...  

high heels and a smile - all that’s needed on a nude shift...

nude shift... yum! (elle, charlotte, kimberley, shakira & selina)... we receive lots of calls asking “when is the next nude shift?”... - half of the fun is that they are a total surprise to clients, so the answer is “ummmm, it’s a secret” – we trust you understand

note: just to address any unfounded concerns (as raised by one client who was concerned that the masseuses were being forced to meet clients in their birthday suits) - rest assured: the masseuses actually request to be on nude shifts... and the list of masseuses wanting to do nude shifts continues to grow

some of the masseuses now jokingly refer to nude shifts as “pussyfest ″ 🙂

BODYROTIC nude shift® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark

spa baths

indulge in a hot freshwater spa with your masseuse before or after your massage…

  • our spa baths are cleaned and freshly filled for each client
  • available with massages 1 hour or longer – the price for a spa is an additional $10, or complimentary with a couples massage (subject to spa room availability)
  • all service prices are for time inclusive of time spent in the spa
  • note: not all masseuses are available for a spa

please understand, for a variety of reasons, occasionally your masseuse will only want to get partially into the spa with you – simply ask your masseuse or our receptionist

gift cards

an ideal gift for that special someone who has almost everything…

for a friend, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or perhaps as an employee incentive reward program... a BODYROTIC gift card will definitely make an impression!

BODYROTIC gift cards

available to any dollar value or for any service, just let our receptionist know how much you would like to spend – it’s that simple…

  • presented in a stylish envelope
  • not redeemable for cash
  • valid for 3 years from date of purchase
  • (gift cards purchased before 1st april 2018 are valid for 12 months from date of purchase)