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Tue 17/04/2018

Do you remember how you felt receiving a gift you so, sooo wanted? The feeling in your stomach?… you could not wait for the day you were presented with it. It is not easy to find the words to describe what I feel when I see Charlize, but to me it is that moment. It starts with this crunchy, warming, fuzzy feeling a day or two before my visit and lingers for hours after. Charlize has this amazing personality which makes you feel right at home no matter how your day has been. She just gets you in a different state of mind, well it helps to have those physical helpers of course, with all the right curves. Well as a man with a more artistic eye, it is like walking into a gallery of a sculptor and seeing his work. Charlize is a goddess of absolute perfection. I don’t think I will need to tell you about all her other skills…… you melt and want to touch, be touched and be in this moment for hours… days.
Thank you Charlize for listening and making my stay always more then just a little pleasure hour.
N xo
(not enough stars to rate)

Sun 15/04/2018

Sensational Summer. So, it’s been a while and the opportunity to spend some time with this stunning, beautiful and intelligent young woman was made possible today. Thankyou for the most enjoyable massage in a long time… and the stockings, soooo sexy…
R xxxxx


My first visit to BODYROTIC, I’m sure it won’t be my last. I picked Charlize from the line up because she seemed to have a cheeky, flirty personality. In the room, cheeky gave way to downright sexy… lots of good views of her very fit, toned body and nice happy-ending to finish.
Not really sure of her eye colour, but I can’t get her butt out of my head.

Thu 05/04/2018

I saw Olivia by chance last week – wow, she’s so amazing. Bodysliding, perky breasts and soft, soft skin. I don’t usually book ahead, but next time I can’t wait to see Olivia.
J xx


Once you see Dita you never look back! She is a goddess of the sweet tease and mind-blowing pleasure. Her body is absolute perfection.

Tue 03/04/2018

I just wanted to say thank you to Tessa for the great hour this morning. It was our first appointment together so the conversation took a while to get going, but once the ice was broken Tessa proved to be just as fun and cheeky as her profile promised.

Mon 02/04/2018

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Verity today. I was first attracted to her hair, necklace and beautiful smile, and as time goes on I got to discover other aspects of her beauty – body and soul! I felt calm and excited at the same time and was able to explore and express my sexuality with Verity without any inhibition. It was a truly magical experience. Despite this being our first encounter, I felt a strong connection with her and I really hope the feeling is mutual.
Thank you Verity and I hope you to see you soon and all the best with all your endeavours!

Thu 29/03/2018

Thank you so much Dita for breathtaking and the most sensual massage I’ve ever had. I could feel your magical fingers were still tingling my body even when I left BODYROTIC. Wow! Absolutely sensational!!!

Wed 28/03/2018

I visited Savannah last night for my first ever erotic massage. I have to say she was just perfect. Friendly and funny while sexy and with a body to die for. Thank you Savannah, I may just have to pay you a visit again before heading back to the UK.

Fri 23/03/2018

I was enchanted by Ruby during my amazing hour visit last night. She bedazzled and charmed her way into my heart through a combination of touch and suggestion, such a spine tingling seductress.
Thank you Ruby, that was the best massage I’ve had in memory.
R x

Thu 22/03/2018

I have been to BODYROTIC before, but today I had a good, fun time with Charlize trying out the Fire & Ice massage 🔥❄ for the first time. Charlize has an amazing, friendly personality, and a beautiful figure to match. She kept the session light and enjoyable – I’ll be back for seconds for sure.
Thank you Charlize,
M ❤

Wed 21/03/2018

Wednesday night with no appointment and I really lucked out with Verity. She is all you could wish for in an erotic masseuse. Another BODYROTIC legend in the making. Cool and easy to relate to but oh so sexy…
Highly recommended.

Mon 19/03/2018

I would like to thank Tia for a wonderful experience today. I enjoyed an hour long massage from this talented woman that knows just the right way to make a man feel comfortable and relaxed. Her massage technique is spot on, leaving me feeling happy and wanting to come back and visit BODYROTIC again and again.
I highly recommend Tia to anyone looking for a good time.

Sat 17/03/2018

Feedback for Bailey – amazing experience…

Fri 16/03/2018

Thanks Summer for a really fun and sexy appointment today.
I can’t believe we haven’t met before, but it was really an experience worth waiting for!

Thu 15/03/2018

I would like to thank Summer and Tessa for a wonderful double appointment today. I really do love seeing both ladies. Individually our time together ranges from exquisite sensuality to fantastic fun. Today with both girls together it was a fun-filled session from start to finish, with lots of laughter and happiness. I consider myself fortunate to have met these beautiful and most delightful ladies and to be able to spend time with them in the sexiest way possible. So a great big thanks girls, and I think you both know that I’ll be back very soon.
Love, S xxx

Wed 14/03/2018

Dear Bronte, I just had to say how much I enjoyed my time with you this evening.
The massage was wonderfully relaxing. Your touch is simply amazing…
I look forward to a longer session next time.

Sun 11/03/2018

I had the pleasure of spending an unforgettable hour with Charlize today and what a mind-blowing experience it was!
I have to admit I made an appointment with Charlize based on her profile pictures, as well as the glowing feedback from other punters, like myself, who have enjoyed time spent with Charlize.
I definitely wasn’t disappointed on first meeting her as not only is she the sexiest masseuse I have met in many years, but she also has a gorgeous and beautiful personality which I found to be a huge turn on 🙂
As Charlize escorted me to our room I couldn’t believe what a perfect body she has, clearly the website photos are very accurate – I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in her company for an hour (regrettably I didn’t book for longer!) Lingerie, once removed gave me a full and uninterrupted view of Charlize’s spectacular form and totally unenhanced body which was great to see, especially her beautiful breasts, which I might add are natural… 🙂 Charlize also has a very tight and firm body with zero imperfections.
The massage itself was magical and she definitely has the skill and hands of a goddess, Charlize had me at full attention for the hour long duration… andunenhanced the excitement had me on the verge the whole time!!
The hour long drive home was a risky one due to the flashbacks of my time with Charlize, and her magical hands and attention to making my experience totally amazing!!
I totally look forward to seeing you again Charlize XX ❤❤
Regards B

PS: Thanks to the Management

Sat 10/03/2018

I had the pleasure of seeing Mya the other night. We had a fire & ice massage which was great… I will be back for more fun soon with my favourite masseuses… another great experience.
Thank you Mya,
L xxx


Verity is a one-of-a-kind masseuse – she’s beautiful, easy going, kind, warm… but most of all, incredibly sexy. She had me on ‘the edge’ for the whole massage.
Highly recommended, seriously unforgettable.
Thank you for an amazing experience.

Fri 09/03/2018

It was my first time to BODYROTIC and I wanted to try out the Fire & Ice massage. Charlize, WOW my Fire & Ice Angel did a wonderful job of taking care of me for our 1 hour session… I would definitely recommend anyone to request for her if you want an exceptionally erotic massage or to try Fire & Ice. 🔥❄💕
Thank you Charlize 💕

Wed 07/03/2018

Odette reminds me of three of my favourite Bond girls. She exudes the elegance and class of Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale). Those girl next door looks of Kara Milovy (The Living Daylights). And of-course a combination of sexiness and cheekiness that is Dr. Christmas Jones (The World is Not Enough). Time with Odette is like catching up with an old friend… we always manage to have too much fun no matter how long we spend with each other.
Thanks Odette,
E xx

Tue 06/03/2018

Odette, you are perfect in every way. Nothing I say can describe how much I love the time we have together. Thank you for a lovely time again (I miss you already!)
I hope to be back one day 🙂
N xx (female)

Mon 05/03/2018

I just had an appointment with Avalon today, and the experience was so amazing that I felt I had to write something about her. When I first saw her, I could not believe just how gorgeous she was. She is petite, with a perfect body, beautiful complexion and a very friendly attitude. She started the massage slowly, I have to say it was wonderfully relaxing, and then she just kept building on the session until it came to a mind-blowing climax. One of the hottest experiences I’ve had at BODYROTIC, and I have had many. I can’t wait to make my next appointment with her.


I went in to see Eliza… and OMG it was a session I will never forget. The first thing you realise when you meet her is how beautiful she is, with a body that you will fantasize about for years to come. The next thing is just how sexy her accent is. You can’t get enough of it, especially when she does some dirty talk. The third thing is she is such a friendly person, and makes you feel comfortable from the get go. I haven’t even gotten to the part about the massage yet. It goes without saying that she has the magic touch, and having her bodyslide all over you… stunning experience from start to finish. I’ve had many sessions with quite a few of the masseuses at BODYROTIC. Honestly, each and every experience has been brilliant, absolutely no complaints, but I think Eliza and Avalon would have to be my favourites.

Thu 01/03/2018

I had the pleasure of seeing Georgie tonight. She is an extremely sexy woman who gives a very sensual, sexy massage. Georgie also happens to be very friendly and is focused on providing the best service. I would highly recommend her and I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again. The only problem with seeing Georgie is that your time eventually has to come to an end!!


I really enjoyed my time with Charlize, I made an appointment to see her for an hour and I’m regretting not extending the time. She’s gorgeous and very friendly… I enjoyed every second of the massage. She is very pretty and also has a spectacular body.
I can’t wait to see Charlize again!!💕

Sat 24/02/2018

I saw Olivia for an hour and she’s lovely. Soft skin, incredibly perky breasts, a cute face and sweet personality. Lots of bodysliding, a very sensual experience.
Looking forward to my next visit.

Thu 22/02/2018

Having met Charlize a little while back, I fulfilled my own promise to see her again which happened to be today. Seeing a person with whom you had an instant connection (in my view) can be very daunting and heart popping, and churning agony because you never know if it was mutual. Anyhow, all my stress had disappeared as soon as we made eye contact. Yes eye contact, because otherwise you’re missing out on Charlize’s beautiful eyes and face. It was like we had just said goodbye an hour before. I find Charlize one of the most beautiful woman and even more so because her beauty is not just carried and shown outside, she has those inner qualities which made me melt. If I only could have one friend she would be my pick. With that said I will stop as what followed is something I do treasure and is strictly private as I am aware such days are very rare… It is like a tonic to my heart to continue on striving to see the beauty of a person within. Thank you Charlize, I wish I could have had the time sitting in traffic with you, however I used that time to relive our day. I am still in the clouds somewhere…… ox
(I can’t use the star rating, as there are not enough stars listed for Charlize… but if a rating needs to happen you can have all the stars as long as I get Charlize)
Thank you N

Thu 08/02/2018

Summer, you are such a lovely lady. You are perfect in every way. Beautiful in nature and a stunning natural beauty. Your smile, your laughter and your personality are totally addictive. It’s obvious you take great pride in providing an incredible experience for your clients and for that I am extremely grateful. Is it any wonder I keep returning to see you time and time again Summer and I’m looking forward to seeing you many more times in the future. Spending a wonderfully happy hour with you today was the highlight of my week. So I thank you Summer. And that double with a Tessa is now guaranteed. Double the fun!


I just arrived back in the country after some time away and wanted to experience some R&R. I have been to BODYROTIC on quiet a few occasions, mostly with the same masseuse, as I like it that way. However, that masseuse has gone and I struggled to find a suitable masseuse to continue. I browsed through some of the profiles and settled on Charlize… (that name does come with a bit of pressure if you watch some movies where her namesake is performing). I arrived on time and got a bit nervous to see this new masseuse. As soon as the door opened my heart nearly jumped out of my skin. Charlize is this bright, bubbly beauty. I couldn’t stop looking, gazing at her. So we went up to the room and every step closure to the room made me more wanting this person to massage me. All I wanted was her touching my body and sliding her hands along my, by now, very aware and sensitive skin.
Wow, Charlize has such a natural body with with all the right curves. I was smitten and nearly burst into this animalistic wanting to feel and touch her. She is so much fun and really knows how to turn you into this state of pleasure and wanting to give sooooo much back. I would be foolish to tell you more, except I will need to let you know Charlize has one more client on her list because she is not a machine, but a sleek manipulator of any males brain – if, of course, you like natural beauty without cosmetic enhancements.
Well if Charlize in the movies is to die for wait until you meet this Charlize.
Thank you so, so much.
N xxxo

Wed 07/02/2018

We have spoken about taking our relationship to the next level by introducing another woman into our intimate life and thought we could take this first step by getting a couples massage with Bailey. From the moment we first met Bailey, we were both relaxed. Her attention to both of us was exceptional. Everything from asking if I needed a hair tie, to the way she touched each of us differently to accommodate our different masculine and feminine needs. Our experience with Bailey was the most sensual and divine experience either of us have ever had. At no point did either of us feel left out and her seamless guidance meant there wasn’t a single awkward moment. Without even knowing it, Bailey ticked all of our “to do” items. If you’re a couple who are wanting to take your relationship to the next level, we thoroughly recommend Bailey.
K & B (couple)


I had a beautiful time with Ariana. She has a sweet, genuine and caring nature. Her massage is wonderfully therapeutic and sensual.
I highly recommend her.
PS: she’s pretty hot too!
Regards J


Hi Suki, I just wanted to tell you I had so much fun with you last week, your massage was perfect… you are absolutely gorgeous… very sexy body and your big eyes!!
You are perfect in every way… so many surprises, I can’t wait to return!
Thank you xx

Tue 06/02/2018

Today I saw Charlize for a 45 minute massage with bodyslides… Wowwwwww… I was really impressed by Charlize’s massage magic and her very friendly approach. Her attitude and body movements towards customer satisfaction were really amazing…
Thanks Charlize for the wonderful massage.

Mon 05/02/2018

Best 45 minutes of my life… Olivia was the perfect end to a stressful day.


I just spent an hour with Charlize and it was amazing. I was after a firm massage and she definitely delivered with just the right amount of sexy bodyslides.
Amazing experience all up – I will definitely be back. 🤩


Julia, thank you for the amazing time we spent together. I was mesmerised by your stunning looks and personality. You are an incredibly sexy lady and really made my day…
(via snail mail)

Sun 04/02/2018

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the sexy little pocket rocket Hannah for a memorable sexy and relaxing massage. Hannah was bubbly, which I really enjoyed, and she was easy to get along with… definitely recommended.


Charlize is amazingly beautiful and addictive. I saw her today and she left me speechless. Her body is just perfect and she totally blew me away…
I’m looking forward to spending more time with this stunning young lady.


Gisella is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She is young, hot and attractive. I really loved her massage, she knows what she is doing.
Happy to have discovered her!!!!

Thu 01/02/2018

Happy days. Tessa has returned from her break. I caught up with her today and she is as lovely as ever. I can’t get enough of Tessa. She’s a gorgeous girl with a beautiful nature. Looks like many good times together coming up. I wonder if she would do a double with Summer? There’s only one way to find out I guess.


Eliza is a new masseuse who has a mixed Caribbean/UK background. She is a real honey, very sexy, gorgeous natural breasts and a wonderful personality.
Eliza is a real find, very sensual and friendly with the right mix of massage and eroticism.

Thu 25/01/2018

I just saw the amazing Charlize for 45 minutes and had to extend and extend! WOW…. such a beautiful, sassy and sweet person who turned my world upside down. I am counting down the days for my return. One of the best experiences I have had in a long time!
💕L xxooxx


Another sensational time with Tia. A super-nice girl and she just gets hotter and hotter, with a great attitude towards health, fitness, good food and fun times 👍

Tue 23/01/2018

I had the wonderful experience of seeing Tia this week. She is wonderful to look at and has wonderful hands and talent for massage. Tia has a top secret signature ending which you really need to experience. I thoroughly recommend her.

Sat 20/01/2018

I saw Dakota again today for 90 minutes… WOW, this was my second massage with Dakota and it gets better every time I see her.
Her massage is great, she is unbelievably sensual… Dakota is so much fun to be with and great to chat to. I felt really comfortable with her..
Dakota, thank you, I feel great after seeing you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Cheers, S

Tue 16/01/2018

I had the pleasure of having Summer available for my massage the other week. It was very enjoyable, having nice conversations and touching Summer’s amazing body. I live in country NSW so I don’t get to visit much, but when I’m back I will make an appointment with Summer for sure.

Sat 13/01/2018

Good afternoon Crystal & Dakota, I would like to thank you both for one of the most memorable massages I have ever had. It has been a while since we had a double massage together and it was great to catch up with each of you…
I was very lucky to be the first to experience the BODYROTIC fire & ice massage today in the fantasy room… it was the most erotic sensation, the feeling was so spectacular and so much fun… watching two masseuses get so turned on… and such a big turn on for me, it also amazed me, the sensations running through my body while having two masseuse sliding on me with ice and hot oil. Thank you very much Crystal and Dakota, we will have to repeat this again… I think this is such a great idea… I will be up for more in the future…

Also, I would like to thank Sophie, Dee and all of the beautiful masseuses for the many years of wonderful memories – my massages have always been the best, no wonder you are rated number 1!
Thank you for your most wonderful service – I always leave with a big smile, thank you.

Kind regards,

Fri 12/01/2018

Pure sex appeal, gorgeous girl, Mya clearly loves her job which enhances the entire experience

Thu 11/01/2018

Hi Sophie, I’ve been to BODYROTIC numerous times – tonight I booked Olivia based off photos and feedback, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. She has a lovely aura about her, and despite the fact I needed to take my time, she didn’t rush me. Lovely girl, lovely booking, I hope I have the pleasure of seeing her again
P xo


My first review… finally… Following a very pleasant dinner in the CBD, the wife and I were up for some fun. I phoned BODYROTIC and was informed that Morgan was available and that she saw couples. We caught a taxi and went straight to BODYROTIC. Morgan is a personable, pretty, English lass. She started with a massage on the wife, with me relaxing and enjoying the show. I won’t go into details, suffice to say Morgan was a very pleasant lady and that both my wife and I were very happy with the experience. Both the wife and I would be happy to see her again.
E & W (couple)

Wed 10/01/2018

I just wanted to give some feedback about Crystal. I saw her tonight and all the previous high ratings are definitely well deserved. She has a very warm personality and is extremely welcoming… her special ending really heightens the experience.
5/5 stars.

Mon 08/01/2018

Bianca gives a pure erotic experience. Such a turn on. I want more and more.
(via snail mail)

Sat 06/01/2018

Darcy, I want to say thankyou for such an amazing experience as it was my first… I wish I could come back before I leave… thankyou for taking care of me… see you next time I’m in Sydney.


Awesome experience!! Mya was really great, chatty and friendly!… warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in. The receptionist was really friendly. Thanks again guys!!!

(excerpt of a Google review)

Wed 03/01/2018

Hello, I just wanted to provide some feedback on Charlize. I spent a wonderful hour with her yesterday. Her massage was just the right mix of fun and firmness. Her attentiveness and playfulness was second to none. A gorgeous body with a beautiful personality to match.
Best massage I’ve ever had at BODYROTIC.