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Wed 22/04/2020

I must say after years of visiting BODYROTIC I can’t beat it anywhere else… very clean and discreet… I had a regular masseuse I used to see before, now my new favourite is Cindy… she is so lovely to talk with and gives an amazing service I can’t get enough of.
I look forward to seeing Cindy again after the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.
T xx

Sun 22/03/2020

The BODYROTIC website says it all – “… you may not find feedback because clients may wish to avoid shouting from the rooftops and then finding increased difficulty in making their own next appointment”…
I didn’t mean this to happen, but with the present crisis my feedback about Daisy won’t quite have that effect, so I thought I would now be safe to go ahead with this review.
I chose to see Daisy from the website – amazingly successful technique at BODYROTIC. Oh – and the receptionist, knowing my history, instantly approved.
Daisy is just as gorgeous as her photos. She’s the nicest friendliest girl. Welcomed me with both arms, smiled and hugged, happily assured me – kissing and touching are talents she loves to share. She clearly loves the contact, the intimacy, the passion. Not a trained masseuse but actually did a great job on my neck and shoulders especially. Seduced me into relaxing and closing my eyes, only to shock me wide awake when I opened them and looked down. I hadn’t even seen her coming. Well, then I did, and how. She is wonderful to look at. Mesmerising to gaze up at. That peach of a bottom, breasts to challenge the best at BODYROTIC, and I fell in love just looking into her eyes. Never before have I extended so quickly. She is cute, a real pixie, full of bounce and challenge. She may be sweet and friendly but boy is she something! Even without the new rules, Daisy will satisfy the most demanding. You will never regret your decision to see her. I have warned her though about writing this review. I won’t get a look in no matter how much I try to bribe the receptionists. She’ll sure be busy when the fuss is all over.

Mon 16/03/2020

At BODYROTIC I had an excellent experience with the lovely Summer. The establishment is clean and the business is well run.
Go to BODYROTIC if you want a 5-star experience…

(excerpt of a Google review)

Fri 13/03/2020

Hi BODYROTIC, I enjoyed another hour with Elisha on Wednesday. She is one-of-a-kind. Smart girls sure are sexy, and such naughty stories.
Looking forward to seeing her again.

mya & samantha

I just had a session with Mya & Samantha and have to say it was an amazing experience, like no other, we all had so much fun!! 10/10!!

Thu 12/03/2020

I had and amazing time today, probably one of the best massages I have had in my life. I was a bit hesitant to make an appointment with Christina because there were no photos, but decided to have a punt, plus I really needed a massage – not sleeping the best lately and quite stressed out. So I made an appointment for an hour with the use of the spa… walked up the stairs, was greeted by a very pretty receptionist, had to look twice, thought she was on of the masseuses. I waited in the waiting room and finally met Christina thought to myself “…wow, this chick is stunning”. Inside the room the fun began, Christina was ‘bootylicious’, the spa was amazing, she gave me a nice shoulder and neck message, after she got me relaxed I was dying to get onto the massage table to get a good view of her body… the view of her ass when performing reverse bodyslides I thought to myself I think I am in love, it was so lovely, perfect round and firm… could not have asked for more, her massage was nice and firm, just as I asked… she is strong and has a good heart – I love that in a masseuse.
I should sleep like a baby tonight – thank you Christina.

Wed 04/03/2020

Ariana is… amazing
[excerpt of a review on]

Sun 01/03/2020

I made an appointment with Max for 45mins on a whim because my regular was fully booked. Max is friendly, pretty, good to talk to and can give a decent massage. This session was a bit of a reversal to what usually happens. Started off with a back massage as usual which was pretty good… quickly escalated to bodyslides, teasing through the milking hole and getting under the table where I got a nice view… flipped me over and gets me to the edge a few times before climaxing. All of this was well within the first half of the session. Max then continued with an extended massage with me on my back. This was surprisingly good, and now that I was more relaxed I was probably a bit more chatty.

Overall Looks: Pretty
Overall Personality: Lovely
Overall Performance: Great service

Wed 26/02/2020

I really enjoyed being with Charlize the other day on my birthday. She’s really pretty, gives a great massage, and knows how to sing as she sang Happy Birthday to me when we were in the spa. 🙂

Tue 25/02/2020

I saw Samantha for the second time today. She’s as amazing as the first time I saw her last month. Samantha is sweet and sexy, she knows how to make you feel good about yourself, and she’s so caring! Honestly, I don’t know if I can put it into words, the best I can say is to go see her for yourself – men, women, couples, you will not regret it! I certainly can’t wait to see her again!
J (female)

Wed 19/02/2020

Still feeling tight from my flight to Sydney, I decided to book Ariana for a 90 minute session on Sunday at BODYROTIC. She was wearing her gloriously sexy schoolgirl outfit – white tie up t-shirt, little red miniskirt and black heels. As she walked me to the massage room her butt peaking from under her skirt… is still embedded in my mind (mmm)… Her therapeutic style is top-of-the-class. There was a lot of teasing with her nails on my bits through the hole, under the table, you name it! Turn over and she massages the front of my body, then goes for some reverse bodyslide teasing, and that’s how I finish.
What else can I say? She was phenomenal!
[excerpt of a review on]

Sat 15/02/2020

Good Evening, today I visited BODYROTIC, and not making an appointment I was introduced to the 6 available masseuses. There was one masseuse that stood out to me – Pepper – she gave me a great greeting and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I have to say I was not disappointed, Pepper has amazing massage skills. When it comes to being sensual she is also really amazing.
Pepper – it was great to chat with you, I can’t wait for our next session.
I will be making it a much longer visit…

Fri 14/02/2020

Hi Sophie,
I’d like to pass on my best wishes to all the lovely masseuses at BODYROTIC for Valentines Day. I hope they are being spoilt as much as they spoil us clients. I’d especially like to thank Summer who is such a beautiful, charming and alluring masseuse. May your day be filled with happiness, pleasure and joy.
S xoxo

Wed 05/02/2020

I am staying in Sydney for the next couple of months and I am really enjoying the quality of masseuses BODYROTIC has to offer. But I must admit, there has been a standout for me… Amber – from the moment I laid eyes on her I was blown away by how attractive she was. Picture a tall size-8, 179cm, toned, tanned body with lovely curves – and her facial features are exquisite. Amber greeted me as if we were good friends – no awkward nerves. Her bodyslides were incredible – she made the experience very intimate – no shying away. The sight of her nude body was unbelievable, I can’t get the sight of her ass out of my head – so perfect, round and toned – amazing genetics. She also engaged in interesting conservation, which to me is a big turn on and helps build chemistry.
I can see she is a genuine, down-to-earth person which is rare to find in this world.

Tue 28/01/2020

I had a great massage from Tia. She has the body of a goddess and knows the right formula. Beautiful smooth skin. Terrific!

Mon 27/01/2020

I’m writing this feedback on my way back home after a refreshing session with Charlize. It was my second time at BODYROTIC and I thought of going without an appointment and choose whoever was available. But when I looked at the roster and read the feedback, I knew I had to make an appointment with Charlize. She is a hot looking girl with firm tight butt. Natural breasts are my favourite, nice to hold, touch and feel. Charlize is a very nice person to speak with too apart from her erotic touches and sensuous massage skills. I am a sapiosexual man and loved my time with Charlize. She is intelligent to converse with. I had told her about my preference and she followed it to make me comfortable. I loved the part where I gave her some massage in return which was arousing. Overall I returned back rejuvenated. Next time I am thinking of booking a double session with Charlize and another masseuse of her choice.
Thank you Charlize and BODYROTIC!!!

Wed 22/01/2020

I had the pleasure of seeing Daisy this evening. I’ve been a regular client of BODYROTIC in the past, but not recently. I can honestly say this is one of, if not the best experiences I’ve ever had at BODYROTIC. Daisy is attentive, friendly, passionate and makes you feel comfortable right away. She is, of course very attractive but her pictures do not do her justice. She has a very unique beauty and an amazing figure. Her service is truly incredible and she is absolutely worth spending time with.


I spent Saturday afternoon with the lovely Natalia. She has an amazing body and was interested in listening to me.
I promise to be back.


Ariana is hot, and exceptionally talented when it comes to erotic massage. She has so many sexy ‘tricks’ up her sleeves and definitely knows how to push my buttons, so to speak. I was on cloud 9 for the entire hour and a half.
Now I just have to work out a way to be able to spend at least an hour or two with Ariana every week until the day I die 😏…
Thanks again Ariana – I look forward to seeing you again real soon,

Mon 13/01/2020

I’m honestly surprised there aren’t a lot of feedback for my girl Camilla here. I hope she’s getting the popularity she deserves cause she’s amazing! I’ve been a regular of hers for a couple of years now and she’s never let up on me. She’s always bursting with energy and as years goes on, she just gets more and more sultry. She’s exotic which means she speaks Spanish (which I think is sexy as) and has gorgeous smooth caramel skin and a cute ass accent, all of which bodes well for her.
She’s been lovely to me, I highly recommend seeing her yourself, you’ll get the same treatment.

Sun 12/01/2020

I just wanna shout out the lovely Max for the pleasant massage she gave me this evening. I was very relaxed and that’s all thanks to her incredibly chilled and warm nature. I would highly recommend her as she knows how to massage as well as turning things up in a heartbeat if need be. Oh and she’s stunning.
Thanks again Max!

Wed 08/01/2020

This is feedback for the lovely masseuse Tia, with whom I had an hour of erotic massage on 3/1/2020.
This was my first erotic massage experience and I searched online a lot before deciding on BODYROTIC. It was a very sensual experience for me. I have never felt so elevated before. Tia was a sexy goddess. Her booty was perfect to touch and feel. Tia’s bodysliding using her boobs was so amazing that I felt like I was in heaven. She is well spoken and very caring too. I really enjoyed her presence. I will definitely make this a monthly program for me and I’m looking to experience more from Tia.
Also, kudos to the lovely receptionist who was very patient with my questions.

Tue 07/01/2020

Now that the giving season is over, it was time to receive a gift of self-care at BODYROTIC that would take away the stresses of the hectic holidays. And who better than Charlize, who puts the “Happy” in Happy New Year! A 90 minute session started with a spa and put me in what seemed like a sensuous movie scene with bubbles carefully concealing the erotic parts of a beautiful woman. Sliding around the tub together with Charlize is an amazing experience not to be missed. Her bubbly, cheeky personality perfectly compliments the fun. This is followed by a massage made all the more relaxing after the warm bath. Charlize expertly uses her body and hands to bring you to a fully relaxed state. Before you know it, the 90 minutes have gone and so have the stresses of the Holidays.
A new year begins and with it, plans for more visits with Charlize!

Mon 06/01/2020

I have been to BODYROTIC many times and never been disappointed…
Today I had a session with Natalia which was the best ever.

Fri 03/01/2020

Hello Cindy,
Happy new year to you. Thank you so much for the wonderful couple of sessions you have given me lately…
I have made an appointment for another 90 min session… so hopefully you look forward to it like I am… and bring in the new year in style.
Soooo looking forward to seeing you again soon.
S xoxox

Thu 02/01/2020

I’d like to say Happy New Year 2020 to all the lovely masseuses and please pass on my sincere thanks to Ariana for the wonderful massage earlier today. From all of the feedback I have read on the BODYROTIC website, I had very high expectations, and she still blew me away 🙂 … won’t go into explicit details, but I cannot express in words just how much I loved the way Ariana teased me, and literally had me on the edge for what felt like hours – it was totally f*n mindblowing!
In a word, Ariana is awesome!!

If you are looking for an exceptional therapeutic massage which is also intensely erotic, Ariana is for you. A word of warning tho, I think Ariana may be addictive 🙂
I’ll definitely be coming back to see Ariana again, sooner rather than later.
P xxx
(6 stars – yes, 6 out of 5 🙂)
(OK, just for you ‘P’, 6 stars it is! 😉)