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Mon 13/05/2019

As a woman it can be hard to find a masseuse who knows how to please you, but Pepper clearly genuinely loves women.
Her touch is so sensual and erotic, she really knows her way around the female body, how to tease and edge and have you writhing in pleasure.
She made me cum and cum! It was an amazing experience.
I recommend even straight women should indulge themselves and see her.
L (female)

Sun 12/05/2019

I had a week of work and decided it was time I should make an appointment to meet Charlize. I was lucky she was available on Thursday, I was looking forward to seeing her from all the great things I had heard about her. The day had come, I arrived at BODYROTIC and was welcomed and put into a waiting room while I waited for Charlize to arrive and take me to her room… when the door opened – wow, she is beautiful, has a amazing body and that smile just made me feel so great… she was very kind… All I can say is I had such an incredible time with you Charlize, you are a beautiful lady… I loved every minute I spent with you. I loved the way you massaged me and your bodyslides where so hot! You are a bubbly fun person to spend time with… thank you very much for your company, I loved every minute we spent together… next time we will have a spa together 🙂
I look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂
Kind regards, M xxoo

Thu 09/05/2019

I went to BODYROTIC tonight on a whim not knowing who was working. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jordan. Her photos do not do her justice, She immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable in her company and her massage was first class.
I will definitely be back to see Jordan again.
P.S. she has a remarkable resemblance to Anne Hathaway

Mon 29/04/2019

I had an experience with Camilla today that left me speechless. Incredibly tender and attentive, she was able to read how my body reacted to every part of the massage. I am still tingling hours later. Only negative was it wasn’t long enough.
See you again soon!

Thu 25/04/2019

Hello, I spent two amazing hours with Katie today and it was unbelievable! I can’t stop thinking about her! She is so sexy and beautiful, and really made me feel like I was in heaven. I will definitely come back to spend time with her again.
Could you please let her know that I think she is amazing and I can’t wait to see her again 😉
Thank you BODYROTIC 🙂

Sun 21/04/2019

Most of us today indulged in chocolate, not me I was lucky enough to indulge in the beautiful Katie
Only thing melting here were my knees
She is definitely worth coming in to see
She is as good as La Madeline au Truffe by Knipschild
Which is the most expensive chocolate in the world
Sophisticated Stylish Saucy and extremely sexy
She is the sweetest thing ever

Thank you from the guy who wishes he was younger


Tue 16/04/2019

I spent time with Ariana last week and what can I say, she is a classic combination of sweet and sexy.
I had a great time as always. She is a must see…

Sun 14/04/2019

Hi Indigo, you were so amazing on Saturday night… that was a truly magical experience… can’t stop thinking about it.

Mon 01/04/2019

I visited BODYROTIC for the first time in a while. Making an appointment over phone was easy, I went with Elaina… her photos were hot (yes, her photos are real). I saw a review that said she doesn’t give a firm massage, that’s correct, if you want more therapeutic Elaina isn’t for you. Her massage is soft and very sensual. She has great hands and is a positive person… Elaina doesn’t talk a lot as she’s busy being very sensual… she’s very friendly… amazing bodyslides, both front and back. Elaina has a great body and if you’re a breasts guy then you’re in for a real treat… Finished with Elaina sitting on top of me with me caressing her breasts, just awesome.
Great technique – Great service – I will be back.

Sun 31/03/2019

Rave review about Samantha! – Hi, we just wanted to say we had a couples massage with Samantha tonight. It was our first time and we were both nervous. Samantha immediately made us feel safe and relaxed. She did a truly amazing job, we learnt a lot about ourselves and each other, and took away a lot for our sex life at home. Not to mention that Samantha is very hot!… which of course added to the already amazing experience. She was very professional, respectful and approachable and encouraged us to decide the pace, what to do and also guided us. We were blown away by how much fun we had and it really helped ignite our passion in the bedroom, that’s for sure.
Thank you so much Samantha! You’re amazing! You made a lot of our dreams come true! We will be coming back!
A & P (couple)

Fri 29/03/2019

BODYROTIC is the best in Sydney. An absolutely amazing establishment with lovely, gorgeous masseuses. No competition, they are in a league of their own.
Thanks for the awesome times…
A 😉

(excerpt of a Google review)

Thu 21/03/2019

I had the opportunity to see the lovely Savannah today when the masseuse I wanted to see was not available. I took a chance based on her profile and her description on the website is spot on. She has a face that’s very easy on the eye and an amazingly fit body, a tight butt and natural bust. She is very easy to talk to and she offers a firm and sensual massage.
I can see Savannah being one of my favourites when I am back in Sydney, so will endeavour to see her again soon in the future 😊


I have had the pleasure seeing the lovely Pepper on 2 occasions now with both times being straight after long haul flights back to Australia… I made the decision on seeing Pepper and she definitely did not disappoint! She has a wonderful natural bust and is a great conversationalist. Her massage is sensual and the ending is mind-blowing.
I highly recommend seeing Pepper and I will continue to see her again when I’m in Sydney 😊

Tue 19/03/2019

I had the great fortune to have time available last Saturday to see Zoe. I saw her nearly 12 months ago and she blew my mind with her body, attitude, service and sexiness. This time she certainly didn’t disappoint. Originally I made an appointment for 90 minutes at the end of her day, however due to Sydney traffic I arrived late and settled for 1 hour.
Zoe is such a great girl and very sexy, and her service is exceptional…
Now to find another Saturday to be able to get away from life and in to BODYROTIC to see Zoe.

Sat 16/03/2019

I had a great time with Zoe today. She is way hotter than her profile photos suggest and she has a fantastic attitude. Dare I say, in my humble opinion, one of the better massages I’ve ever had… Zoe has the most lovely body and a wonderful nature!
Hope to do it all again sometime soon,
C xxx

Wed 13/03/2019

I made an appointment with Violet based on others feedback… Outgoing, seemed just as happy to have a conversation as to let me enjoy myself. If you enjoy the massage part as much as I do, she’s great. I like a girl who can apply a bit of pressure and make it feel sexy at the same time.
I would definitely see Violet again.

Mon 11/03/2019

Lena is an absolutely amazing girl… her attitude and service are top notch, body on point and a beautiful smile that would drive anyone crazy… 10/10 would recommend

Sun 10/03/2019

I decided I would drop in on Saturday and see who was available – after a long week at work I needed a good massage… at the time there where only a couple of masseuses available… I decided I would spend a couple of hours with Poppy, she is very lovely… I enjoyed my massage, she was great at what she was doing… I loved every minute of my massage with her.
Poppy, I have to thank you very much, it was a pleasure meeting you for the first time… you are a beautiful person. Thank you very much for your wonderful massage, I had such a great time with you…
I hope to sometime catch up again.

Tue 05/03/2019

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a massage from Tasha after a holiday. Her incredible physical beauty was not all that made the experience so special and unforgettable. She also has a really warm, gentle, relaxing and genuine vibe about her.
A totally mind-blowing experience!

Sun 03/03/2019

Violet – Hey there, I would like to thank you for an incredible time yesterday. You are stunning and I love your bodyart. It might have been only the second time I have seen you, but WOW, your massage skills are incredible. You made me so comfortable and you are great to chat to… you also have an amazing sensual side. In my eyes you are one of the best masseuses at BODYROTIC and I hope to see you many more times to come.
Cheers, S

Sat 02/03/2019

I called up BODYROTIC and made an appointment with Lena. I buzzed in, made my way up the stairs and was greeted by the receptionist. Lena walked out and we both went downstairs. She is a really good girl.
Kind of Experience: Girlfriend Experience
Overall Looks: Very pretty
Overall Personality: Lovely
Overall Performance: Fantastic time


I would like to thank Charlize for an amazing time a couple weeks ago. I dropped in to BODYROTIC without an appointment, and to my surprise, Charlize was available. As per usual, she was her bright, bubbly self. I absolutely love her, her massage skills are incredible.
I said to her at the time she is one of the best masseuses I have ever seen, and I have been coming to BODYROTIC for the past 13 years.
Looking forward to seeing her many more times.


BODYROTIC is awesome!
Tasha was great… really sweet too!

Wed 27/02/2019

I’ve been visiting BODYROTIC almost weekly for many years. It’s without a doubt the best erotic massage establishment. The facilities are modern, clean and very well appointed. There are many themed rooms, including a Fantasy Room in which I’ve been restrained and tantalised many times. The receptionists are always friendly and helpful. The greatest assets though are the beautiful masseuses who work there. I could write a book about the wonderful masseuses I’ve met and enjoyed great times with over the years. At present I’m seeing Summer quite often. She’s such a beautiful and caring lady, totally addictive, great fun to be with and extremely sexy. I’ve also caught up with Alice recently, an Eastern European stunner who goes out of her way to ensure you have a fabulous experience. Everything about BODYROTIC is for me perfect; great facilities, excellent receptionists, gorgeous masseuses who truly enjoy their work, and very good management who strive to provide the best for their clients.

(excerpt of a Google review)

Mon 25/02/2019

Feedback on Tiffany – I should not be sharing this information with anyone, but this masseuse deserves the accolades!
What adjectives do you use to describe my experience with this masseuse? Sexy, sultry, smart, attentive, great humour, conversationalist, drop dead gorgeous, and the list goes on and on.
Tiffany is simply amazing! I’m in love and quite simply you will be too!

Sun 24/02/2019

Samira will not disappoint, you will never be sorry

Fri 15/02/2019

Miranda the Magician – A few comments on Miranda. She is crazy smokin’ hot. And totally smart and sassy and sexy. She blew my mind and my plumbing. A huge fantastic thumbs up.

Mon 11/02/2019

The stunningly beautiful Samira left me with a massive smile that is sure to stick around for a while.
I will definitely be back.

Sun 10/02/2019

During a recent visit I spent time with the outstanding, petite Nava.
Nava is lovely and gorgeous, and she has a very sensual touch.
An all round incredible massage.
Regards, M

(via snail mail)

Mon 04/02/2019

Miranda 💕 – The nicest and loveliest masseuse I have met at BODYROTIC. Her work ethic and service are above and beyond… she made me very happy, not only with her massage but also sharing her life experiences.
Thanks for the motivation.

(handwritten feedback to our receptionist)

Thu 31/01/2019

If you’ve never met Alice then you are in for a treat. She is a beautiful lady, with long blond tresses, a petite, perfectly proportioned body, and a taught, terrific derrière to die for. She is a seriously sexy looking lady. She comes from an Eastern European country and her lovely accent adds to her overall desirability. I like to chat and found her very friendly and easy to get on with. Her eroticism is everything you would hope for from the top-rated ladies at BODYROTIC. It seemed that Alice was eager to provide me with the sexiest experience possible, and that is exactly what she did.
It was wonderful meeting Alice. She’s a charming, friendly and very sexy lady who made me feel great. I’d love to see her more often now. I highly recommend her.

Mon 28/01/2019

I made an appointment with Charlize today after hearing so many good things about her – what has been said is utterly true!
Unfortunately, I only had 45 minutes spare due to having to head off as I live 2 hours drive from Sydney – next time I will request a longer appointment for sure!
Charlize certainly proved something different with her wit, naughtiness and skill… I left the session feeling personally spoilt and refreshed. Her looks from head to toe, and her perfume, provided my senses with some exciting stimulation.
Thank you so much Charlize – ’til next time!
B 😉

Sat 26/01/2019

Well today I made an appointment to see Violet… what an amazing time I had… I chose her from reading her profile and feedback… when I met her she was bright and bubbly. I was impressed how being our first appointment together, she asked what I expected and wanted, that was nice. Violet is great to chat to, that made me really comfortable… her massage was incredible, she really knows her technique, which I loved. She is unbelievably sensual… (I am writing this with a bit trepidation, in that Violet will become so much more popular, and harder to make an appointment with)
Violet, thanks again for a five-star experience, you have hit the top of my masseuses list at BODYROTIC.
I can’t wait to see Violet again.
Cheers, S

Sun 20/01/2019

I saw Ariana a number of times during the second half of 2018. She is a great conversationalist, has a cheeky personality, a great sensual massage technique and a natural beauty which just compels you to return over and over again to experience. Each time seemingly being better than the time before.
The BODYROTIC description indicates that she is a fully-trained masseuse, and I would certainly agree with that. One of the things that really stands out for me are the girls who don’t forget about your calf muscles, and Ariana has a great technique in this respect. But even more so than that, just the way that she gives suggestive views in the mirror while indulging you during the therapeutic part of the session, and the occasional soft teasing with her breasts in the places which would really drive any man wild.
After some sexy bodyslides… with even more suggestive views in the mirrors, Ariana hopped under the table to play… while also giving a view… … … Flip over, lots of bodysliding, nipple teasing… and more teasing of the nether regions. All of this done while maintaining beautiful eye contact and with a cheeky lip biting smile on her face the whole time. The inevitable climax is always reached.
What more can be said?… Ariana is awesome!

Fri 18/01/2019

I was visiting Sydney from Melbourne and I saw Samantha on the BODYROTIC website – I made a 2 hour appointment, what can I tell you?… Samantha gave me one of the best massages ever, I enjoyed her company so much that I extended the booking by 1 hour – all up I spent 3 hours with the beautiful Samantha… she’s also one of the nicest people you can chat with – next time I’m in Sydney I will definitely see her again.
Thank you for a lovely time Samantha,


So first impressions on entry is why the price is above the dingy places. Super clean, very well presented, spacious, fresh, did I mentioned clean?
And the girls match – gorgeous, polite, young 20 somethings, engaging.
Great lineup – I almost asked for all of them. Odette stood out, with Charlize a close second.
Odette was polite, friendly and provided an excellent body slide. The mirrors in the rooms are spectacular, even mirrors on a shelf under the table for viewing whilst face down.
As someone else mentioned, the second hole and that shelf provides for a a great view and tease from below.
Lovely tease massage, bodyslides with ample viewing opportunities. And a great finish. No extras were sought nor offered, as I wasn’t’ sure of the rules. The massage was great, so no real need for extras as much as extras were desired.
I can thoroughly recommend BODYROTIC and Odette.

[excerpt of a review on]

Thu 03/01/2019

Best massage of my life – Let’s just say that 2019 started off with a bang! It was my first time at BODYROTIC and I was really nervous. After meeting each one of the lovely masseuses I decided on Jasmine, because she seemed very genuine and easygoing; a really good choice for first-timers like myself. And she definitely did not disappoint. Jasmine is sweet, sexy, sensual and such a tease!
Thank you Jasmine for the best massage of my life.


Thanks Savannah for another great time this afternoon.
I hope you achieve all your 2019 goals.