nude shift®

imagine being greeted by a gorgeous BODYROTIC masseuse wearing nothing but high heels and a smile…

now try to imagine that same scenario multiplied by 14!

BODYROTIC 'nude shift' – pixie... at the feet of the other 11 naked BODYROTIC babes on nude shift #16 we’ve had nothing but glowing feedback from clients, and the masseuses have had more fun than you can possibly imagine – the looks on some clients faces are simply priceless

BODYROTIC nude shifts® are now a regular event... occurring randomly (and unannounced!)

BODYROTIC 'nude shift' – nothing but high heels and a smile...  

high heels and a smile – all that’s needed on a nude shift...

nude shift... yum! (elle, charlotte, kimberley, shakira & selina)... we receive lots of calls asking “when is the next nude shift?”... – half of the fun is that they are a total surprise to clients, so the answer is “ummmm, it’s a secret” – we trust you understand

note: just to address any unfounded concerns (as raised by one client who was concerned that the masseuses were being forced to meet clients in their birthday suits) – rest assured: the masseuses actually request to be on nude shifts... and the list of masseuses wanting to do nude shifts continues to grow

some of the masseuses now jokingly refer to nude shifts as “pussyfest ″ 🙂

BODYROTIC nude shift® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark