nude shift #1

nude shift #1

BODYROTIC’s inaugural nude shift went off with a bang tonight!…

imagine being greeted by a gorgeous BODYROTIC masseuse wearing nothing but high heels and a smile… now try to imagine that same scenario and multiply it by 12!

nude shift #1... yum! (stephanie, jade, crystal, shakira, armani, nina, april, mya, ashley & samantha)...thanks to all the unsuspecting clients who were fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of much more of a visual experience than they could ever have anticipated… and the masseuses had a blast!

the response from returning clients was awesome… with nothing but glowing feedback – and the looks of surprise and beaming smiles on the faces of those who hadn’t visited BODYROTIC before were priceless

perhaps like “Woodstock” – years from now hundreds of people who weren’t there will claim to have been – and the commemorative t-shirt will probably have become a collector’s item

this is likely to be a regular BODYROTIC event… returning randomly (and unannounced!) in the not too distant future

PS: if you are a regular client who missed out and would like a BODYROTIC t-shirt just ask our receptionist or your masseuse – (there are only a few remaining)

BODYROTIC nude shift® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark