no panties day downunder – (COVID-19 edition)

COVID-19 postponed edition

july 22 (rescheduled due to COVID-19)

it all started several years ago as half-prank and half-wishful-thinking – but, over the years the concept has gained traction and a tradition has now been forged...

  • june 22 – international 'no panties day'

    – the original date of june 22 was obviously selected by some numpty in the northern hemisphere, as it coincides with the winter solstice downunder – so, BODYROTIC inaugurated a tradition of our own...
  • december 22 – 'no panties day downunder'

    – to coincide with the australian summer solstice

in observance of the true spirit of 'no panties day', BODYROTIC is a panty-free zone for the entire day on both june 22 and december 22

happy 'no panties day' – june 22 & december 22

BODYROTIC makes a substantial donation on behalf of the masseuses in appreciation of this event to an appropriate women's health research foundation – additional donations from clients are not solicited, but most appreciated

no panties day downunder™ is an original BODYROTIC concept and trademark

  • UPDATE: july 22, 2020 (COVID-19 postponed edition) – our donation went to Ovarian Cancer Australia – thankyou to the clients and BODYROTIC masseuses who made additional donations, your generosity is greatly appreciated