BODYROTIC uses many thousands of towels every year…

we pride ourselves on providing clients with premium-quality towels, cleaned and sanitised using the latest, state-of-the-art laundering processes – sustainability and environmental impact feature prominently in our philosophy

all towels are cleaned offsite in our commercial laundry – the cleaning process involves several stages: using the highest grade detergents, hot water (> 70°C), additional ozone sanitisation, then thoroughly rinsing and drying to ensure they are 100% clean! – our commercially-rated laundry also undergoes regular testing to ensure compliance with all relevant Australian Standards – the same standards applicable to hospitals and aged-care laundering facilities

our policy is to use a towel until it is no longer physically and aesthetically viable, with due regard to the environment – after which they are repurposed for use in general cleaning, then recycled responsibly

we do not impose any limits on the number of towels used by clients or masseuses, however we feel it is important to consider that every towel used is…

  • manually handled, counted and prepared for collection
  • transported to our offsite commercial laundry
  • commercially laundered – washed/sanitised, rinsed and dried
  • manually handled and transported back to BODYROTIC

of course all this comes at a cost – both financial and, most importantly, environmental

simply put, all we ask is for a little consideration