nude shift #19

nude shift #19…

nude shift #19 was an exceptionally busy night… perhaps best described as “buttfest 2014” – so busy in fact that the best we could manage was a commemorative photo of 5 of the 12 hot BODYROTIC babes – thanks again to all the unsuspecting clients, the masseuses had a ball

nude shift #19

imagine being greeted by a gorgeous BODYROTIC masseuse wearing nothing but high heels and a smile… now try to imagine that same scenario multiplied by 12!

we receive lots of calls asking “when is the next nude shift?”… – half of the fun is that they are a total surprise to clients, so the answer is “ummmm, it’s a secret” – we trust you understand

nude shifts are a regular BODYROTIC event… occurring randomly (and unannounced!)
BODYROTIC nude shift® is an original BODYROTIC concept and a registered trademark