BODYROTIC – voted Australia’s #1 erotic massage business… three times!

we’ve had several clients bring to our attention the shonky advertising practices of other erotic massage establishments around sydney…

… and we thought it might be appropriate to write a few words about it

unlike others who advertise “voted Sydney’s #1…”, “Sydney’s best…”, “the finest…”, “the ultimate…”, etc. without any credentials,¬†BODYROTIC has been voted “Best Adult Business” in the coveted¬†‘Australian Adult Industry Awards’ (AAIA)¬†… three times!03 - bliss_eden original 03 - bliss_eden

  • all of the client feedback on our website is 100% genuine
  • all of the masseuse photos are 100% genuine photos of the actual masseuse (taken at BODYROTIC)
  • unlike many others, we do not pass off old photos of long-gone masseuses as current masseuses – or even worse still, they deceptively use photos of international models, porn-stars, actresses, etc. – some of the blatant ripoffs are almost laughable and obviously an infringement of copyright
  • our online roster is 100% genuine and kept up-to-date

… a few things to consider

click here for more about the false advertising practices of other venues…